Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions 

We consider the safety and well being of all our athletes paramount.

Augmentin m’a été prescrit pour soigner une appendicite (lésion inflammatoire au niveau du vermisseau). Il est indiqué sur l’emballage que cette pathologie est fréquente chez les enfants. Cependant les pédiatres ne m’ont jamais prescrit Augmentin pour traiter ce genre de problèmes. J’ai donc décidé de l’essayer et j’ai vu le médecin. Sa prescription a été acceptée.

All our videos here at Xtreme 365 promote the specific athletic abilities and skills of our athletes. Occasionally we use props to emphasize the skills of the athlete and add to the adventure of the video. This adds to the fun of the video and makes it more like being in a movie. Most of these type videos will be found under the JUST 4 FUN tab.

In some of the training, athletes are taught to execute submission techniques such as chokes and other holds. Those techniques you see in these videos are real. Please remember, SAFETY is of utmost importance. Submission techniques are done very carefully and all such matches and trainings submitted by the individual athlete. Duplicating the techniques and skills exhibited in the videos are done at your own risk and should be done only after proper training and precautions have been taken.

Regardless of whether the video is a training video, displaying specific moves or techniques, or a JUST 4 FUN video, the most important aspect is SAFETY. that allows the athlete to display their athletic abilities and skills while having fun.

All videos submitted by a minor ALWAYS have the parents consent. 

It is important to note that all our athletes earn money when they sell their videos as well as personalized apparel, to assist them in advancing in their given sport. 

Xtreme 365 has all rights on all it’s videos, apparel and merchandise sold.. Xtreme 365 has copyright on all custom made material and any unauthorised use, reproduction, distribution, public performance, renting, lending, re-selling or exporting is prohibited. Violators will be subjected to criminal prosecution and civil penalties.

All athletes in videos must wear sport or activity appropriate attire in all videos submitted

All Just For Fun videos should be submitted with fun in mind but primarily to emphasis an athletes abilities or attributes.

Dangerous holds or moves like backbreakers, boston crabs, camel clutches, sleepers, chokes, bearhugs, gutpunching and body scissors are allowed in videos. Real kicking or punching is also allowed if done with safety in mind, as it is part of real training and advancements of athletes in combative sports.

All actions in every video submitted are that of the individual athlete(s) who submit that video. XTREME365 will do its best to monitor content before it is posted for sale. Each video will come with an XTREME365 Rating. Some videos may not be available to purchase for those under 18 years of age due to a potentially higher than average level of violence. No video will have “sexually explicit” content. Profane language will be monitored and kept to a minimum and appropriately rated!


We DO NOT refund payments for memberships AFTER we have given you four Xtreme 365 subscription log-on details.

We DO NOT refund payments for purchase of videos.

Refunds on apparel and merchandise will be limited and on a case by case basis. As a general rule payments made for these items will not be refunded. 

XTREME 365 monitors all content on its site and reserves the right to terminate memberships and remove videos without notice if content is deemed inappropriate for this site!

XTREME 365 does not and will not sell or share personal information. Some profile information will be viewable by other members.