Welcome to Xtreme 365 (I-M)

Xtreme 365 will soon become I-M.

So, ask yourself … WHO ARE YOU REALLY???

Answer… “I-M ____________________”

We started this organization to give all athletes an avenue to fully explore and develop their potential! We are committed to build and advance the complete athlete (physically, mentally, spiritually and financially), regardless of ethnic origin, gender, religious beliefs, or finances. If you are wanting to unleash your inner beast… to advance your athletic abilities, level of fitness, or position within your given sport, then it is our sole purpose to push you to the next level! Beast mode ON! No limits! Fighting for the underdog!

The Plan


As we make our way through these phases we will be adding additional areas as well… to include availability of sponsorship, more social media options, and other expanded and enhanced services for athletes. Many of the areas will be as a result of the members ideas and input so please feel free to let us know your thoughts, suggestions, input or ideas.


Set up social media platform, allowing members to communicate with each other, establish GROUPS, and develop a core community of like minded athletes and supporters.


Add a video platform, enabling members to post their training, sports, and just 4 fun videos. These videos will make it possible for the athlete to share their athletic abilities and training tips. The other huge advantage is they will generate $$$ for the athlete, to assist them the with funds to advance in their given sport and expand their foundation of supporters.


Introduce Xtreme365 Apparel. The Apparel will be available for individual athletes, sports teams and organizations to personalize and sell to their supporters and fans… There will be no need to figure out storage needs as Xtreme365 will warehouse and ship them for the athlete or team…. and like the videos a portion of the $$$ will go back to the athlete or team.

Motivational Sports Apparel will also be made available


Xtreme365 Sport merchandise will be added to the line up. Offering a line of sport specific equipment and accessories, such as combative gear, MX gear, and xtreme Sports gear. Continuously expanding and updating product to meet the current athletes needs and trends.


Expand into the areas of individual and team athlete training and trainer certification, as well as athlete management.

Xtreme365’s facet of athlete management will be unique to the athlete/sports industry as we will be offering management of amateur athletes as well as professional athletes, following, enhancing and expanding their career from the start , regardless of age or experience.

Our Trainer certification will be rounded to included teaching the trainer to build all parts the of athlete… body, mind and spirit.

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